Upcoming Events

Flurry of Feathers: Birds of the Estero Americano. Tour private agricultural land to meet the birds and farmers that share the Estero Americano
An Agricultural Heritage Series Public Outing
Saturday March 26th 8:30-11am
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Green Valley and Dutch Bill Watersheds: Watershed Update Meetings for the Community
Dutch Bill Watershed Update: February 24th
Green Valley Watershed Update: March 2nd
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Agricultural Heritage Outing: Creative Drought Solutions
Nov 14th 2015, 1:00-3:30pm
For more information: Creative Drought Solutions flyer

Erosion Workshop
Treating Rural Road Erosion - A Free Workshop for Landowners and Land Managers

Wednesday, April 30, 9am-3pm
for more information and directions contact: Krista@goldridgercd.org
or (707) 823-5244

Board Tour
Be an Active Member of Your Community and Attend Your Local Watershed Council Meetings!

Call Gold Ridge RCD for Event Information and meeting times (707) 823-5244.

Past events

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