What We Do

Current Conservation Opportunities

Below is an up-to-date list of programs and opportunities we are currently recruiting members of our district to engage in. These include financial, technical and educational offerings.

Be Fire Wise
  • Fire-Wise Communities: Speak with us about supporting your community in developing a fire safe council or Community Wildfire Prevention Plan. Contact

Be Water Wise
  • Residential Water Conservation in the upper Green Valley Creek and Dutch Bill Creek watersheds: Speak with us about designing an alternative water storage or rainwater capture system at your home. Funds are available through our Water Reliability Program for residential landowners whose current water source impacts the amount of water in the creek, such as in-stream riparian pumps or shallow near-channel wells. Learn more and view maps of the service area. Contact for more information.

  • Agricultural Water Conservation in the Salmon Creek, Estero Americano, Dutch Bill Creek, and Green Valley Creek watersheds: Speak with us about designing a water storage or rainwater capture system on your agricultural operation. Funds are available for water conservation and water security project design for agricultural landowners, particularly those currently using in-stream pumps or shallow, near-channel wells. Contact for more information.

  • Irrigation Efficiency Evaluations: Funds are available for irrigation efficiency evaluations for agricultural operations in the Dutch Bill Creek and Green Valley Creek watersheds. Learn more here. Contact for more information.

Grow Healthy Soils
  • Improve Soil Health on your Ranch: We are looking to engage ranchers in rangeland soil health educational activities. We will be hosting a series of events on the topic and developing useful in-field tools for evaluating and understanding rangeland soil health. If you would like to receive notifications on upcoming events and resources, please email

  • Improve Soil Health on your Vineyard: Plug in to the offerings available through the North Coast Soil Health Hub. Learn more here.

  • Rent the No-Till Drill: The RCD owns a Great Plains 606NTD rangeland seed drill which is available for rent at low cost. Learn more here. Contact for more information.


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