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Contractors will find instructions here on how to submit project bids.

Current Request For Bids: Upper Green Valley Creek Fish Passage Improvement Project

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The project site is on upper Green Valley Creek in Sonoma County, CA. Site address
and directions will be made available after submission of a Letter of Intent.

Scope of Work
The scope of work includes all equipment, labor and specified materials per Exhibit A:
Project Plans, and specifications to be distributed during bid tour, to complete the

A. Site preparation work, including tree and shrub removal, dewatering, and
B. Culvert removal and replacement, including construction of concrete footings
with helical piles, culvert installation, backfill, and road surface repair
C. Construction of engineered streambed and boulder weirs
D. Development and implementation of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
(SWPPP), addressing erosion control and slope protection measures

The scope of work does not include the following items included on the plans/specs:
E. Aquatic species relocation
F. Revegetation

Bids shall include costs for furnishing all labor, equipment, and materials necessary to
perform all work as described in Exhibit A.

Labor and equipment: Bids shall include costs for furnishing necessary labor and
equipment to carry out all tasks detailed in Exhibit A.

o Subcontracts are allowable for specialized work. Subcontractors are subject
to approval by the Gold Ridge RCD, and should be identified on the Cost
Proposal form.
o Labor costs (including subcontractor labor costs) shall be based on current
prevailing wage rates (see section entitled “Wages” below).
o Equipment costs shall include all fuel costs. Added fuel surcharges not
included in the bid will not be paid.

Materials: All required materials and any associated delivery costs shall be included
in the bid.

Project Cost and Funding
Funding for the project is through a grant from the California Department of Fish and
Wildlife. The engineer’s cost estimate for the project, to be used in bid evaluation, is $605,000.

Project Timeline
A. PRE‐BID TOUR: A mandatory pre‐bid site tour will be held on Wednesday,
March 1, 2017, at 10 AM. Contractors planning to submit a bid must attend the
site tour.
B. LETTER OF INTENT: Contractors wishing to attend the bid tour must submit a
Letter of Intent to GRRCD no later than 3 PM, Tuesday, February 28, 2017.
Please note that Letters of Intent must be received at GRRCD by this time.
C. BID SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Sealed bids must be received at GRRCD by 5
PM, Tuesday, March 14, 2017. RCD staff will evaluate bids and may make a
contract award recommendation to the GRRCD Board of Directors.
D. CONTRACT AWARD: A decision on the award of a contract will be made at the
next regularly scheduled GRRCD Board of Directors meeting at 3:30 PM,
Thursday, March 16, 2017. A contract may be awarded at this time, or the RCD
Board may reject all submitted bids and instruct staff to solicit additional bids.
E. CONTRACT DATE: A contract shall be formed no later than March 29, 2017.
The successful bidder shall provide the required insurance information by this
F. WORK SCHEDULE: Work on the project may commence after August 1, 2017,
with the following conditions:

i. The Gold Ridge RCD has received the 1602 Lake and Streambed
Alteration Agreement from the Department of Fish and Wildlife.
ii. All work is dependent on favorable weather conditions.
iii. Contractor shall coordinate the commencement of work with the Gold
Ridge RCD.
iv. No work shall begin until authorized by the Gold Ridge RCD.

The deadline for completion of all ground disturbing activities is October 15,
2017, although this deadline may be extended at the discretion of the Gold Ridge
RCD and the Department of Fish and Wildlife if weather conditions allow.

Contact Jason Hoorn for more information: or (707) 823-5244.

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